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B16 said in Aprile 20th, 2010 at 17:11

e i phoenix faranno una colonna sonora per sofia coppola….

According to an interview with MTV, Phoenix are set to score director Sofia Coppola’s new flick Somewhere, due out this fall. The news has been hinted at for a while and makes a lot of sense considering Coppola is the girlfriend of Phoenix singer Thomas Mars. Apparently, Coppola fell hard for the epic Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix track “Love Like a Sunset” and asked the band for some more music in that vein. The group came up with some “very minimal music” for the score, according to guitarist Christian Mazzalai.

Somewhere stars Steven Dorff (Blade) as a Hollywood bad boy who is forced to “re-examine his life” after meeting up with his 11-year old daughter, played by Elle Fanning (aka Dakota’s little sister). It’s set to premiere in Europe this September.


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B16 said in Aprile 20th, 2010 at 17:15

black keys: non vedo l’ora di assistere al loro live!!!!


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buzzandmusic said in Aprile 20th, 2010 at 18:45

io pure se verranno in italia……..


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B16 said in Aprile 20th, 2010 at 20:18

ti dicevo che LCD con All I Want ha fatto un gran pezzo… sempre da pitchfork:


It’s quite possible that I’ve listened to David Bowie’s “‘Heroes'” more than any other song. Point blank. It’s likely that James Murphy has heard “Heroes” once or twice or a thousand times too. While it’s one thing to twist obscure dance and post-punk records into masterful pastiche, it’s another to take on what could be the most devastatingly powerful combination of art and pop ever recorded. With “All I Want”, Murphy does exactly that. After nearly seven minutes of the same sliding guitar line and motorik pulse– plus some bloody wails that struggle to be heard– Murphy comes out not only unscathed but more courageous than before. It’s the ultimate tribute, finer than a million covers.

All this is even more impressive once you consider the decidedly un-heroic chorus: “All I want is your pity/ And all I want are your bitter tears.” The same looping melancholy that fueled “All My Friends” is here, too, but this is more-than-friends. Murphy wants it all, realizes “all” is a mirage, and still can’t help himself. By the end of the song, the synths have turned from spacey to sickly and all the singer can do is bellow the same thing over and over: “Take me home!” Just for one day.


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