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Alien on Acid said in Novembre 8th, 2008 at 23:31

Piccole cose italiane, in giro per il mondo 1:

Kirlian Camera – Pictures from Eternity ( Limited Edition )
Twilight Records did an extremely limited run of 300 copies of this re-release. This CD is the same, with the same bonus-tracks as before, but this time it comes in a nicely designed Digipak and slightly different artwork.

“Pictures From Eternity” marks the return of Kirlian Camera to their earlier, darker, romantic and more melodic days. Definitely a retro album, it includes some of the most beautiful music Angelo Bergamini has written in 20 years. The opening track “Ascension” has become a CLASSIC, but there are other jewels in the KC crown here too: notably, the highly infective single “Your Face in the Sun”, the original version of “I am the Light”, the remake of “Meine Nächte Sind Heiser Zerschrien”, a very early KC track from 1981, and the amazing Kraftwerk-inspired track “Haalh” (a sort of revisited and re-imagined version of Kraftwerk’s “Metropolis”). Not to mention the orchestral “Wasted Bridges” or the neo-folkish “The End of Days”…

Kirlian Camera today are without a doubt one of the most important acts on the Electro scene and this work marks one of the peak moments of their career. It is widely regarded as their most accessible Darkwave album.


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Alien on Acid said in Novembre 8th, 2008 at 23:34

Piccole…eccetera, eccetera 2:

EXPO ’70 / BE INVISIBLE NOW! split (Kill Shaman / Boring Machines) cd-r

Latest from aQ faves Expo ’70, masters of modern krautdrone, every record another chapter in their expanding sonic history of the universe, a tale in sound, of suns and planets, of drifting in space, of galaxies expanding, of stars dying, of black holes, and endless expanses, of timelessness and infinity.

Two tracks, each a slow building epic, the first rife with deep chordal swells, simple strummed acoustic guitars, crumbling distorted leads, mournful melancholy melodies, distant streaks of feedback, abstract whir and deep minimal rumble, a gorgeous slab of outer space drone folk, like a more spaced out kraut version of Kiss The Anus, or like a new weird America Santana fused with Hawkwind at their most acoustic and blissed out. The second track is a much dronier affair, a spaced out soundscape of rumbling, buzzing, shimmering synths, layered and textured, rhythmic and hypnotic. Like Tangerine Dream or Popol Vuh, but much darker and buzzier, but just as blissy and space-y. The sound building and building into a heaving wall of synths and guitars, various whirs and rumbles and tangled up minimal melodies, all wavering textures and timbres, eventually joined by strange outer space FX, and more pronounced funereal melodies. Some truly gorgeous spacey shit for sure.

For this cd-r, Expo ’70 have teamed up with Italian drone rockers Be Invisible Now, who have a similar sound, but definitely manages to make it their own. Beginning like some Goblin Argento soundtrack, all creepy synths and swells of black ambience, delicate little spacey melodies and swooshing FX, that swirl and build, the track begins to distort and crumble, the effects becoming more agitated and intense, the whole track thickening, until drums come in, offering up a tribal framework, around which the sea of synths swirls and shimmers, a mysterious rhythmic space rock ritual, which quickly fades out, leaving the various layers of synths to slow down, to slip away, to darken and crumble, leaving just a soft, fading buzz.

The second BIN! track begins all heavy and distorted, almost like some spacier Wolf Eyes, wrapped in swirling effects, anchored by simple pounding percussion, the synths getting more intense and more buzzy, thick and blown out, the programmed rhythms growing skittery and chaotic, everything louder and more dense, more distorted, FX everywhere, the track erupting into some strange noise drenched new wave, like the soundtrack to some French new wave horror film, or some New Order remix rejected for being to noisy and fucked up and scary. Awesome.

A pretty good intercontinental space rock, krautdrone matchup for sure. Packaged in a full color eco-wallet digipak style sleeve, and of course LIMITED.


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Alien on Acid said in Novembre 8th, 2008 at 23:39

Piccole ecc. ecc. 3:

Alio Die & Martina Galvagni – Eleusian Lullaby
“Eleusian Lullaby” is a sensual ethereal-ambient collaboration between Italian sound-sculptor Stefano Musso ( aka Alio Die ) and Italian singer Martina Galvagni. It is the third release in Projekt’s series of Alio Die’s vocal collaborations following 2001’s Apsaras ( with Amelia Cuni ) and 2005’s Mei-Jyu ( with Jack or Jive ).

“Eleusian Lullaby” blends the natural, warm and earthy ambient compositions of Alio Die with the elegant, neo-classical voice of Martina, merging notes and silence into an expanded dreamscape. This is lullaby music like an aural caress from darkness into the light. The combination of the vocal melodies with the abstract qualities of the loops and instruments creates a suspended near-dream space, intimate and sensual at the same time.


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buzz said in Novembre 9th, 2008 at 11:21

An Alien on the music planet,oh my dear,God bless you!!!!Have a beautiful and peaceful sunday:-)))))


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