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B16 said in Ottobre 10th, 2010 at 10:01

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Roger Waters has changed one of the videos he uses during his stage show of ‘The Wall’, following accusations that it was anti-Semitic.

As previously reported, the Anti-Defamation League claimed the video segment for the song ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’ used imagery associated with stereotypes about Jews and money.

In particular, the video shows aeroplanes dropping bombs in the shapes of Jewish Stars of David followed by dollar signs, although various other religious and corporate symbols are also depicted.

Now, during the same song at his show at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Wednesday (October 6), the video had been changed to show the Mercedes symbol following the Jewish symbols, reports Rolling Stone.

Earlier this week, Waters responded to the anti-Semitism claims, saying that there were “no hidden meanings in the order or juxtaposition of these symbols”.

Roger Waters, who is currently on the US leg of his world tour of ‘The Wall’, will bring the show to the UK and Ireland in May and June 2011.


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B16 said in Ottobre 10th, 2010 at 10:01

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Gorillaz rolled out the hits and plenty of star guests last night (October 8) as they played to a packed house at New York’s world famous Madison Square Garden arena. The show is part of their very first American tour which is due to last until early November.

As reported during the week, the show featured a rare live appearance by Lou Reed who reprised his role on the ‘Plastic Beach’ album track ‘Some Kind Of Nature’. After some initial confusion as to whether Reed was ready to take the stage, the Poet Of New York finally arrived after a short delay and strapped on his guitar to play the song much to the delight of his hometown crowd.

Gorillaz mainman Damon Albarn was also visibly delighted and warmly embraced the former singer as he left the stage. Reed was also given a Murdoc-esque caricature for the night which was projected on the giant screen behind the band as they played.

The two hour long set also featured the likes of Mos Def adding vocals to ‘Stylo’ and ‘Sweepstakes’, Miho Hatori of Cabo Matto singing on ‘19/2000’, De La Soul rapping on ‘Feel Good Inc’ and Bobby Womack who guested on both ‘Stylo’ while adding his usual solo encore of ‘Cloud Of Unknowing’. The night also featured a rare on stage sighting of Albarn’s non-musical partner Jamie Hewlett who took a bow during the encore for his work on the band’s visuals and animation.

The set-list ran:
‘Orchestral Intro’
‘Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach’
‘19/2000’ (with Miho Hatori)
‘Last Living Souls’
‘Stylo’ (with Bobby Womack and Mos Def)
‘On Melancholy Hill’
‘Rhinestone Eyes’
‘Superfast Jellyfish’ (with De La Soul)
‘Tomorrow Comes Today’
‘Some Kind of Nature’ (with Lou Reed)
‘Empire Ants’ (with Little Dragon)
‘Dirty Harry’
‘El Manana’
‘White Flag’ (with The American Syrian Orchestra, Kano and Bashy)
‘DARE’ (with Rosie Wilson)
‘Glitter Freeze’
‘Sweepstakes’ (with Mos Def)
‘Plastic Beach’
‘Cloud of Unknowing’ (with Bobby Womack)
‘Feel Good Inc.’ (with De La Soul)
‘Clint Eastwood’ (with Kano and Bashy)
‘Don’t Get Lost In Heaven’
‘Demon Days’ (with Bobby Womack)


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B16 said in Ottobre 10th, 2010 at 10:04

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A monument to John Lennon has been unveiled in Liverpool by his first wife Cynthia and son Julian.

Today (October 9) would have been the late Beatle’s 70th birthday.

The statue, a globe with doves flying above, it is designed to be a monument for peace and a shrine for fans who want to pay tribute in Lennon’s home city.

“We come here with our hearts to honour dad and pray for peace and say thank you to each and every one of you and everybody involved in the celebrations today,” Julian said.

Cynthia, who was married to John from 1962-68, added: “I think the mourning is over for John. I think it’s time to celebrate, which is what we’re doing. Think about [anything in] his life that was positive and just enjoy that. Enjoy the joy that he had and that we all have from his music.”

Amongst the 2,000 onlookers, who sang ’s anthem ’Give Peace A Chance’, was The Beatles original drummer Pete Best. He said the statue “captures all the aspirations” of Lennon.

Around the world, fans are gathering to pay respects in different ways.

Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono is in Reykjavik performing with their son Sean.

In New York, ‘s original band The Quarrymen will headline a tribute concert. Fans are gathering to remember the legend in Central Park as the area of the park known as Strawberry Fields, near the spot where Lennon was shot dead in December 1980.

Ono posted a video message to mark today telling fans: “I know John was not expecting so much love to still come from you. But he would have been very happy to know it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

…il tutto da


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B16 said in Ottobre 10th, 2010 at 10:12

Una brutta notizia dall’Olanda

Solomon Burke, leggenda del Soul, e’ morto all’eta’ di 70 anni all’aeroporto Schiphol di Amsterdam. La star, padre di 21 figli che si faceva chiamare ‘The King of Rock’n’Soul’, membro della Rock and Roll Home of Fame, era divenuto celebre nel 1966 con la hit ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Love’, cantata anche dai Blues Brothers nell’omonimo film del 1980. E’ morto durante una tournee. Avrebbe dovuto suonare ad Amsterdam.


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B16 said in Ottobre 10th, 2010 at 13:52

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Mumford and Sons wrapped up their UK tour in London last night (October 9) with a special guest appearance from The Kinks’s Ray Davies.

The NME cover stars teamed up with the singer for the North Londoners’ classic 1968 hit single ‘Days’ towards the end of their homecoming show at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Introducing The Kinks frontman, Marcus Mumford said: “We’d like to introduce a couple of people onstage. One of them is a newer member of the band, who used to play with The Kinks. Everyone Ray Davies.”

Marcus went on to apologise to the crowd before he kicked off the song for any mistakes they may make because they only spent a short time together in the rehearsal studio.

Davies then teamed up with Marcus on vocals and acoustic guitar while the crowd sang back the words.

The band were also backed up by a three piece brass section at various points in the gig alongside a cellist and drummer as they performed tracks from their 2009 debut ‘Sigh No More’.

They also played a series of new songs including ‘Lover Of The Light’ and ‘Nothing Is Written’, which were premiered at the summer festivals, alongside an upbeat untitled new anthem featuring the lyrics: Keep the earth below my feet/Thrall my sway, my blood runs weak.

Introducing the track, the band threatened to cover Blink-182 as guitarist Winston Marshall announced: “We’ve had the privilege of seeing some great bands in this venue over the years like Alice Cooper and Blink-182 so we want to play tribute to them. Any Blink-182 songs we could play?”

But Marcus chose to stick with their new song. Earlier before kicking off ‘Little Lion Man’ to huge cheers, the singer also told the crowd: “We are not going to pretend that it is quite a big deal playing here tonight because it is. Sometimes I wish we had a bit more swagger and we could be cooler but it is really great to be here.

“It is our last show in the UK too for a while so it is a bit emotional. Not to get all lovey-dovey but it has been a great couple of years for us and we are very grateful.”

Later, the band unplugged their instruments and stood huddled at the front of the stage as they rattled off ‘Sister’ before wrapping up their performance with ‘Whispers In The Dark’ and ‘The Cave’.

Mumford and Sons played:

‘Sigh No More’
‘Roll Away Your Stone’
‘Winter Winds’
‘White Blank Page’
‘Nothing Is Written’
‘I Gave You All’
‘Little Lion Man’
‘Lover Of The Light’
‘Thistle & Weeds’
‘After The Storm’
‘Untitled New Song’
‘Awake My Soul’
‘Dust Bowl Dance’
‘Whispers In The Dark’
‘The Cave’

Earlier, Marcus also helped out support act Matthew And The Atlas on drums.


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