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B16 said in Aprile 7th, 2009 at 10:49

in attesa delle nostre prossime sorprese estive diciamo che ai messicani, nonostante quindici anni d’attesa non è poi andata così male (anche se dalla recensione qualche incertezza del tutto fuori programma c’è stata)… basta vedere la traccia di chiusura…!!!

16.03.2009 / Opening Act: Kraftwerk

01 15 Step
02 There There
03 The National Anthem
04 All I Need
05 Kid A
06 Karma Police
07 Nude
08 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
09 The Gloaming
10 Talk Show Host
11 Videotape
12 You and Whose Army?
13 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
14 Idioteque
15 Climbing Up The Walls
16 Exit Music (For a Film)
17 Bodysnatchers

First Encore
18 How to Disappear Completely
19 Paranoid Android
20 Dollars and Cents
21 The Bends
22 Everything In Its Right Place

Second Encore
23 Like Spinning Plates
24 Reckoner
25 Creep

Overall an amazing show. The band’s quality when playing is just stunning. Yet it was a bit ironic at times. Thom seemed to be really into it, enjoying the audience’s reaction to every move and word he sang, until they messed up Exit Music 3 times: He started playing and towards the first chorus, Jonny didn’t realize his guitar was still on and started messing around and tunning it which lead to Thom getting extremely pissed off and just gave him the meanest look…as usual.Even though the crowed cheered up and starting going “Jonny!..Jonny!” Thom kept playing the song but the rest of the band seemed to have a bit of trouble jumping in, and this was even more noticeable when Colin started playing something completely different so the whole song was messed up. Ed simply stopped playing and started laughing along with Thom and Colin, and when everyone was getting confused as to what to do, Thom went back and started the song from the beggining but after a couple of chords something was wrong with his guitar so he just simply gave up, came up and said “We’ll have to play this song later then”. Gave a little nervous laugh and went on to start playing Bodysnatchers. I’d say it was the weakest song of the night. They seemed more worried about the song they had just screwed up than focusing on the new one. For the first time I’ve seen Yorke forgetting the lyrics and you could see the frustration on his face. They finally made it to the end and there was a sense of relief in the band. The rest of the night went brilliant. Thom, Colin and Phil were having a great time, though Ed and Jonny never really seemed to be fully into it until the last part of the show when they noticed the crowd did not mind the fact they had messed up in a song, but they were simply loving Radiohead. To everyone’s surprise their closing song was Creep, but it was even more interesting hearing Thom thanking everyone for coming out to hear them and then went on to say “Have a nice life”. And inmediately started playing Creep. More so to please the fans than to enjoy the song. Even though no one asked or expected the song to be played, they thought they had to do it. It was weird but it obviously caused a great reaction from the fans. Just as it happens all around the world. Overall it was a fantastic show, some of the highlights were 15 Step, The National Anthem, Talk Show Host, How To Dissappear Completely, Paranoid Android and Dollars & Cents. Great show, but it could have been better if they had realized since the beggining they weren’t playing for an English crowd, they wouldn’t be critized for making a mistake. That just makes them REAL. So much perfection can make them a bit out of this world.


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B16 said in Aprile 7th, 2009 at 10:49

p.s. da


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buzzandmusic said in Aprile 7th, 2009 at 11:27



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